The Morning Commute

There is a commercial where a lady leaves her house in the morning, and it shows her on a bus, taking a subway, a ferry, and hailing a taxi. Suddenly she’s back home and her husband says, ” I do think it’s weird that you’ve started commuting when you work from home.” I love that commercial, and want to give a shout out to Audible,–and whomever wrote the script!

I am grateful to be an “essential” employee. Even with hours cut, I still have work to commute to four days a week. I am overly thrilled that schools have closed, and I no longer have to deal with buses! I have even done a little dance, since it has given me an extra few minutes before I have to leave. You know the dance. Arms raised, push up, yell, “whup, whup!” Left leg kick, right leg kick, wiggle hips, turn in circle, give it a , “wooo, wooo!” Yeah.

However, two minutes extra, five or ten everyone else is leaving later, also. I am passing the same familiar vehicles as I do every weekday.

Even with our Governor’s stay at home order, at least 60% of traffic is still out and about. Where the heck are these people going? I have a hard time imagining that these people are “essentially” needing to get to point B. I think for some it should be called, “desired” destination.

Are they missing their morning commute? Do they leave the same time every weekday morning, only to drive by their place of employment and then return home again?

This past Friday was another story. There was only 15% of traffic on the way to work. Who wouldn’t like a three day weekend?

My job is on a furlough. Because of my duties, and 85% of employees from my company working remotely, it made sense for me to take a furlough on Tuesday.

Is it sad that I am excited and can’t wait for Tuesday? I plan to wake up with stretches, yoga, meditation, and then write.

To the individuals that really do need to be somewhere, and to all of our first responders –I know how busy and stressed you must feel. Please remember to take time for you. Put a sterile mask on and just–take a deep breath.

To readers and their families, be safe and stay well.




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