Fresh Air

This is the last weekend of March 2020. We are in a “world crisis.” There is a bit of, “pandemonium,” if you will. These times are going down in the history books of education. Or who knows, maybe in 50 years history will also be another subject deemed no longer necessary, and taken out of teaching.

I am fortunate to live in Virginia. Spring has arrived early. The temperature is in the 70’s, the sun is out, cotton ball clouds passing in the sky. There is a breeze blowing in perfectly timed intervals as if Mother Nature herself, is saying when to blow. Multiple tree variations are still barren which make the evergreens stand out, and the wild dogwoods and red buds pop with color along the mountainsides.

I feel like I have adequately, socially distanced myself from others at an elevation of 2498 feet at an overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Many vehicles have also stopped for a pause, to enjoy what the day has gifted us.

Yes. I am thankfully free to be outside on my own today. No need to envy the dog videos on the Dog TV channel, enjoying their own outdoor expeditions.

Complying individuals have done what we were told, not to leave home unless “essential.” Most people have done spring cleaning inside, gardening and mowing outside. The media said get out and enjoy our national parks that are open, while maintaining safe distance guidelines. Yet, an abundance of Virginian’s will wake up this week with sore throats, sneezing, runny eyes, and stuffy noses.

It is Spring! So, is it allergy, sinus, or coronavirus?



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