Unit 2 ch3 The Erase

As fast as it started, it is over. Over in the worst way. I have said way too much in the texts. He has stopped responding. I thought he was busy. I wanted to make sure he would smile if he saw a text from me, and feel like I could possibly be the one that cares for him the most. Surely, we would at least meet each other once.

Not to happen. I have texted one too many times, pissed him off, shown him I could possibly be a deranged lunatic. ————So, he swipes to block me, erases me away.

Like I said previously, I have been forewarned. I forgot to take heed to those warnings. At my age, will I ever learn?

If there was anyway possible, I would just erase everything I said to him. There is no going back. No re-do.

In April, I stayed on dating site number one, for 26 days. June lasted 23 days. I only opened it up for ________. Then, I decide to do research, open up a third account on another site. Something to keep me busy and the pain away.

No miracles here. I feel more confused and sickened in my solar plexus. I opt out, erase off this site in less than 24 hours.

Remember at the end of the Wizard of Oz, when Dorothy and gang are sure the ‘Great and Powerful Oz’ will be the one to get them home, —save them? Toto pulls the curtain back and there stands a man, — behind a microphone.

__________ is/was hidden behind a computer. The few words typed in—-powerful, to me anyway. I let years of a brick wall tumble down with him—- through an internet connection.

I must not let this computer ‘genius’ get the best of me. I cannot possibly have feelings for a computer. Right?





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