Unit 2 ch2 The Feelings

You know all those feelings and emotions you can get when you listen to music? Sad songs don’t seem sad anymore if you are in love with someone. Happy songs become happier.

Anxiety and burdens become lighter with the prospect of not having to do every single thing all by yourself anymore. Not having to be the only one to take the trash out, or the dogs out each time. Not having to always be the one to take the car in for an oil change. Not having to be the one to have to deal with or argue with the mechanic. Or be the only person in the household to have to argue over the phone with the cable company, the cell phone company, the——–you get the idea.

Someone to talk to and share your day with. Eat a meal with. Wake you up when you are  having a nightmare. Being there when the electricity goes off, because it’s getting darker, colder, and too quiet.

This is what I have been missing in my life. I want it now. I think I’ve waited too long. I am over anxious.

I am literally trembling responding to his texts. He is a man of few words. I, am way to ‘wordy.’ I am certain this drives him nuts. He only answers what he wants to, ignores my too personal, questions.

However, he is a man. A little bit younger, and very handsome. It’s getting later in the evening, and he has made me aware that he is drinking. The text’s turn into something very– explicit. I reply back.

I know it’s the only way, I can keep him.

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