Unit 2 ch1 Meeting Ice

I wasn’t expecting anything at all. I checked out this other match-making site that said it was for free. I registered.

A couple of days later I opened it up, it showed some matches, a face popped up in the left corner of my phone. A feeling rushed through me like never before. I placed a finger on top of the face and the site message said, “Neither of you are members. You must join to see the messages that each of you has sent.”

Now these other guys I’m trying to meet are costing me money, too!

I find my debit card at the bottom of my purse. I enter the number not really knowing what I am doing, again. Click.

I have the most overwhelming feeling rush over me when he pops up. The words I say out loud cause me to pause, because inside my head I say, “huh?” –I said, “Oh. That’s my husband.” My intuitive thoughts were, ‘well, didn’t you know it all along?’

He typed, ” Hi. My name is —.”  I later forget this because I also like his code name, and strangely enough, the guy above him has his same real name. I am a little confused.

I no longer see what any of the conversations were, but I think I must have typed back something like, “how are you this evening?”

I guess a few words and sentences progressed from there.



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