Ch. 4 A Note for the Guy’s

PERSON A:  Thank you for sending almost daily messages of: ‘Good morning princess.’  It meant so much. Sorry we didn’t live closer so that we could be friends.

PERSON B:  Oh, my goodness. Every time I looked at your profile you seemed perfect. Then, I would get to that snake part, uhhh, no.

PERSON C:  Sorry we didn’t get to go to those fun places we had in common. You had a lot of confusion, and that’s your choice….

PERSON D:  You were in a different town when we chatted. When alerts showed up on your phone that a tornado was in the area, you actually sent a text to check on me. Thank you. It meant so much.

PERSON E:  I don’t know whose legs you see, but I only did a head shot.

PERSON F:  You want to do what with me?

PERSON G:  Yes. I know that you would give me flowers and write me poems. You are so sweet.

PERSON H:  Why do you want ME to come to your place? Do you have an ankle bracelet? (I am asked this on another site also)

PERSON I:  Wow. What a pompous ass you are! You think I do not have an important role at my company and said, “Aww. That must be a rewarding job for you.”  You have no idea what I do, the people I know, or the people I meet on a daily basis. And you sell outside at concession stands?

PERSON J:  I am sure I could have been financially stable, our parent’s taken care of, and a happy life, but I am just not feeling in love with you. I felt nothing- no butterflies, saw no stars. I don’t care how much money you make.

PERSON K:  Yes. I understand why you left this God awful town so long ago. And- thank you for giving me a warning about what you descent guys go through on this site. Person D warned me, too. I should have listened.

PERSON L:  I know that I still need to do a profile so that guy’s will know what I am looking for. It would narrow it down for me and you. I just haven’t had the time, and I feel the need to get off of this site tomorrow. Maybe we will meet on site again–some other time.

-and others…………………

Ladies, it is a zoo out there!





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