Ch. 3 26 Days & Nights

Okay. Somehow, I became an addict. For someone who has a zero tolerance personality, I now have a better understanding of addiction.

Every time the phone dinged, I had to see who chimed in. Was it a new guy? Or, someone I was getting to know chatting?

I went out on a couple of local dates, both men charming, but not my type.

Easter morning I went on a breakfast date, then I stopped at Walmart on the way home to pick up an Easter card for my mom and neighbor. Slim pickings in the card section at this late date! I moseyed up to stand in the long line at check out. As I got closer, I noticed an entire stand of cards that were in individual packaging. I opened and placed them in their compartments. Why the heck hadn’t anyone done this before now?

I found one with a gorgeous purple flower that says, ‘Mom.’ Perfect! I checked out.

At home, I gave mom her card, she displayed it on the dining table as we awaited our guest.

“How did this morning go?” she asked.

I said, “Another flop. I think it’s  really time we move back to the beach, or just somewhere else soon.”

She agreed, reminding me that I loved my job.

After our lunch, our guest gone, and clearing the dishes, I took a look at mom’s card. The inside said, ‘Happy Mother’s Day.’

Really? I just did someone else’s job for them at Walmart, and I won’t even get a ‘thanks.’

Does this prove that nobody really pays attention to what is written inside a card?

Ding. “I have plans for us this weekend.”

I text back, “Sorry. This won’t work. I’m still on my journey.”

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