ch. 2 The Photograph

Monday morning I went to work eager to tell my three close friends (which I will continue to refer to in this blog as: T, C, M), that I had joined an online dating site.

“Oh, my God!” I said. ‘It’s raining men, HALLELUJAH!’  “I had no idea that there are so many eligible men in my age group! They are so handsome, and sweet.”

‘C’ said, “Good for you!”

‘M’ said, “Ohhhh. Some excitement in your life! Pick a good one, my baby needs a Godfather to go with her Godmother.”

‘T’ said, “Yay! What’s it like? Did you meet someone, yet? Tell me everything!”

Later, ‘M’ tried to take photographs of me to use on the site. I am not a photogenic person, and it makes me nervous. After trying over 15 snapshots, she gave up. I didn’t know I blinked that much. Either the photos showed me with my eyes closed, half shut, or just baaaaaddd.

I called my photographer friend to come by after working hours. After setting up the lighting, an umbrella, and some other special affects, we began. Brighter lights, and knowing he was pushing the button for shots once again, produced a lot of blinking. He was very patient.

That evening, I was able to add a picture to my profile, and go to bed early.

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