“It’s Raining Men, Hallelujah!”

On a Friday evening relaxing after work, I was looking up some info on the web from my cell phone. An 80’s trivia site popped up, and I was compelled to play! I said to myself, “girl, you’ve got this, and you don’t have anything better to do right now.”

Well, I got all my answers right, yippee! Then another site popped up.

“Are you single? Would you like to see what other singles are doing in your area? Just answer these few questions about yourself.”

Harmless. I’ll just answer these few questions.

“Clicking onto the following picture boxes of your choice, will help us determine what type of mate you would prefer.”

Okay. Show me the type of man I want.—That’s all I was going to do.

“Preview a few of the singles in your region, in your same age group.”

Hmmm. Recently, I pretty much decided I do want a husband; finally after all these years.

Well. Click.

“For ‘exorbitant fee’, you can chat with people of your choice and see if you are a match! Just enter your already maxed out credit card number—here.!”

Wow. Well. Okay. Just for the 30 day rate. I really shouldn’t do this anyway. What’s the harm in—just once. What could happen?

Enter number. Click.

Whoa! What have I done?

Oh, my gosh, he’s so cute! What happens if I click on him……?

More pictures of men kept popping up with their stats, profile information, and the area in which they live.

All I had entered online were my stats. Because I had clicked on many wonderful guys to see what would happen, a few responded and my phone started dinging!

I was so sleepy as it was very late, when my phone dinged with a response. “Hey, you don’t have a pic up. Need to see what you look like.”

Oh, my gosh! So I texted back, “Don’t have one yet, I’ll put one up this week.”

Ding goes my cell phone the entire weekend. Some of the dings were the service notifying me of new prospects selected, ‘just for me.’ Other dings were chat requests from–the gorgeous men chosen for–me.

I read profile information, stories about themselves and what they were looking for in a woman. Some stories so well written, sound genuine, respectable, and sweet.

Not all the guys are in my direct area, which I am glad. I have been ready to branch out to another area for quite some time. Especially if I can go back towards the beach/bay area that I am from.

I just did not get any sleep at all that weekend. Nor did things get done.


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